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Updated on September 29, 2021

Pega Sales Automation optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire sales organization at every stage in the sales lifecycle. Pega Sales Automation offers Artificial Intelligence based guidance, process automation from lead to fulfillment, and gives business users the flexibility to adapt your sales process. With Pega, insights find your sales reps and sales managers; you can quickly standardize and automate the sales process, and provide management with insights across business units, products, team members, geographies, accounts, and channels.

  • Guided selling via Artificial Intelligence - Through a blend of predictive analytics, automated decisioning and business rules that you can configure, Pega systematically recommends the next best action to take, offer to make, and proactively drives these insights to sales reps throughout the sales cycle.

  • Sales process management - Industry-leading process and workflow management ensures leads and opportunities are intelligently routed, tracked and progressed, and the end-to-end sales cycle is optimized with errors removed.

  • Reporting and forecasting - Dashboards and forecasts offer a real-time view into your team's pipeline and forecasts as well as what it will take to make quota. Easily modify reports to get the insights you need, exactly when and where you need them.

  • Mobility and collaboration - Empower your teams to be productive everywhere by seamlessly delivering the sales experience on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Through Pega social capabilities.

  • Pulse and Co-Browse- encourage sales reps and sales managers to collaborate with customers and one another.
  • Build and customize applications quickly - Built on the world leading Pega Platform, Pega Sales Automation allows you to manage your enterprise's complexity, develop and change applications 7x faster than Java coding, and configure and run ultimate variety of sales processes or instances on one application platform. Pega Platform also allows you to maximize existing technology investments and ensure the fastest time to value by easily integrating with and orchestrating legacy systems.

  • Cloud or on premises - You choose the best deployment option to manage your business most effectively. Run your application with confidence with an application that is proven to securely scale to meet the needs of the world's most demanding organizations.

Account and contact management

For a sales team, nothing is more important than knowing about the organizations you are selling to and the people who work there. Pega Sales Automation provides a 360-degree view of organizations, accounts, and contacts, including current and past deals, communication history including emails and appointment, documents, and relevant social insights. Built-in duplicate detection and external data enrichment services can be leveraged to keep data current and accurate.

Suggested contacts

Sales automation can now analyze the emails and appointments and extract new contacts from the list of recipients/senders and suggest the sellers to add those contacts to Sales Automation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Harness the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target the right buyers and understand key insights more effectively. A seamless experience with Sales Navigator allows sales teams to identify new contacts, find icebreakers and get sales updates without ever having to leave Sales Automation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
A LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile

Relationship Intelligence

Relationship intelligence tool helps to reduce prospecting time and increases the sales effectiveness with key relationship insights.

Sales rep's can contact colleagues within the organization, who have already engaged with the 'Contact' through emails, meetings and phone calls and increase the chances of a positive outcome during the interaction. To get introduced to the 'Contact', sales rep can send 'Pulse messages' or an 'Emails' to colleagues without leaving the 'Contact' screen.

Relationship intelligence on the Contact screen
Relationship intelligence in the right pane

Mail contacts

Sales reps can now send regular and bulk emails to multiple contacts using pre-defined templates within SA.

Sales reps can now send and reply to emails directly from the context of 'Contact\', \'lead' and 'Opportunity' within sales automation. The templates are created and managed by Sales Ops. Sales reps can create email lists for grouping frequently contacted people. Sales reps can also track the contacts who have opened their emails and see all the responses in a single, unified manner.

Bulk emails
A defined by user list of bulk emails

Activity management

Activity management allows sales organizations to track and monitor important customer communications and tasks. Sales reps and sales managers can track activities to capture details and outcomes of customer interactions including phone calls and meetings. Sales reps can view their upcoming tasks by priority, and sales managers can delegate tasks to their team.

Timeline view

The timeline provides a bird-eye view of all interactions with a prospect or customer. Easily zoom out to see all interactions chronologically for the year or zoom in to the current week or even hour. Color-coding and filters distinguish between sales, service and marketing interaction and drilldowns on all interactions provide more granular details.

Timeline view
A timeline example view

Lead management

Pega Sales Automation enables organizations to manage leads from initial capture and routing through the qualification process and ultimately though conversion to an opportunity. You can source leads using bulk import, web forms, campaigns, or manual entry. Lead management can leverage Pega Call for click-to-dial CTI with in-call dialogue to facilitate call notes and auto-creation of activity. Dashboard widgets offer insight into lead conversion rates and where leads fall out of the qualification process.

Automated lead routing

Automated lead routing is a feature for both business-to-business and business-to-customer use that allows you, as a Sales Ops operator, to manage your leads more intelligently. Bulk lead routing management speeds up the management process, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks for your business. As global sales ops, you can setup rules in Sales ops portal or app studio to instantaneously route leads to a qualified sales rep based on skills, workload, and availability. You can also route to work queue when a particular condition is met. Later you can review each lead in work queue and assign new owners.

Lead routing
Lead routing functionality

Lead scoring

To help sales teams focus on the most promising leads first, Sales Automation uses self-learning, adaptive models to generate a score for every lead. The score is a prediction of the probability that a lead will turn into an opportunity, giving reps a prioritized list of leads with insight into the top 3 predictors contributing to the score.

Lead de-duplication

Lead de-duplication helps you find potential duplicate leads in the system. View list of duplicate Leads on the Leads landing page and potential duplicates on review screen of each lead, where the user is be able to ignore or merge the lead. This feature proactively warns of potential duplicates, when a rep tries to submit new or update existing lead records.

Sales cadences

Sales cadences are lead management workflows that optimize email and phone connections with prospects and customers. By following a prescriptive communication plan across leads, sales reps always engage at the right time in the right channel, eliminating missed touchpoints. Sales ops can publish optimized cadence flows tailored to specific criteria such as lead industry, source or territory.

Opportunity management

Opportunities are at the core of the Pega Sales Automation system, providing real-time insight into the sales pipeline. Sales managers and sales reps can analyze their pipeline by stage, understand their competitors and see all recent activity for their deals. Sales reps are intelligently guided through each stage of the selling process by taking advantage of Pega Case Lifecycle Management (CLM) features. Opportunity dashboard widgets give sales organizations insight into the current pipeline, pipeline trends, win/loss analysis, and where deals fall out of the sales process.

Opportunity Insights

Traditionally, predicting close dates and win probabilities has come down too little more than guesswork by sales teams, resulting in inaccurate forecasts and missed sales numbers. Opportunity insights leverages adaptive AI models to help predict the probability of a deal closing, when it will close, and even the odds that a deal will move to the next stage.

Opportunity insights widget
Opportunity insights widget

Opportunity revenue splits

Opportunity revenue splits, lets you to share revenue from an opportunity with your sales team members. Sales reps can see how much credit they get for each opportunity. And roll their individual sales credits into quota and pipeline reports. And forecasting with \'Revenue splits\' lets you predict revenue splits for sales team members, based on unweighted, weighted, and predictive opportunity amounts.

Forecast management

Forecast management improves the sales organization's ability to predict the sales cycle by providing rollups of the sales pipeline by category, quarter, and territory. Territory owners at all levels can adjust opportunity amounts, close dates, and forecast categories to allow for the most realistic sales picture possible at each territory level. Behind every element in the forecast is an audit of the recent changes with an indication of how it affects a forecast, so the sales team always knows why and when it was updated.

Predictive forecast

The predictive forecast helps sales teams compare sales generated forecasts with AI-generated predictions for each territory. Alerts draw attention to forecasts that vary beyond a configurable threshold between sales numbers and artificial intelligence numbers.

Sales goal management

Sales goal management enables organizations to set business goals (for example, individual rep quotas or activity objectives) and track goal attainment over time using dashboards and reports. Sales reps can track their quarterly quota attainment, and sales managers have insight into detailed team and territory attainment levels with roll-ups and drilldowns across all levels of the sales hierarchy.

Pega Sales Automation mobile

Designed specifically for the mobile sales team, the Pega Sales Automation mobile app incorporates mobile- first designs and empowers sales teams to close deals faster, manage the selling process, and collaborate directly from their mobile devices, whether in the office, on the road, or even when offline.

With an intuitive and actionable user experience, cases such as Activities, Tasks, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Appointments and Households can be created, edited and reviewed either when the device is online (connected to network) or offline (disconnected from network).

The mobile app also leverages native device capabilities such as Camera and Voice for Business card scanner and Voice input respectively.

Three example screens: home screen, opportunities, and opportunity case

Next best sales offer

Pega Sales Automation leverages Pega Customer Decision Hub to identify the top offer for the population of contacts within a sales rep's book of business. Using customer lifetime value (CLV) and Win score (opportunity amount and close date) adaptive models, the AI engine generates the offers that have the highest relevance to the current sales situation and propensity to close. Once an offer is accepted, an opportunity is automatically created.

Next best actions

Built in and configurable decisioning strategies and rules identify the next best action for every opportunity and rank and present the top actions in the sales rep's dashboard. These strategies and rules use a combination of predictors such as digital activity, service activity, products sold and sales rep activity to determine the next best action to achieve actionable outcomes.

Examples of out of the box next best actions:

  • Urgent follow-up required

  • Update/follow-up on the stale opportunities

  • Follow up on open service case and provide customer an update

  • Review the new leads

  • Reply to email

  • Send a reminder

For more information, see Next best actions provided out-of-the-box.

Next Best Actions
A detailed view of the Next Best Actions widget

Sales coaching

Sales coach in Pulse is designed to enable sales managers to seamlessly deliver efficient coaching. The widget displays coaching recommendations for all the sales reps reporting to a manager in different areas. Manager then can then revise personalized coaching plans for each of these coaching recommendations. Sales coach also provides sales managers and sales reps with an update on the rep's progress in a coaching recommendation.

Sales coach dashboard widgets

Sales manager coach widgets use AI to monitor sales team performance and provide coaching advice for the sales manager to get their teams back on track.

Sales coach
A detailed view of sales coach for a team and an individual

Guided selling

Pega built-in process and case management guides sales reps carefully through the required activities, steps and stages of your sales cycle and then allows you to track open work assignments across your entire organization (not just sales). Guided selling also enables you to model different sales methodologies and work across different sales teams while handling a mixture of B2B, B2C, business and individual opportunities and forecasts in one application. Quickly adapt and change sales methodologies based on market conditions and automate key activities throughout the process.

Voice AI

Voice AI for Sales Automation surfaces real-time suggestions during phone conversations, providing a “virtual wing man” to boost sales rep productivity.

By analyzing natural conversations during sales calls, Voice AI can automate the creation of cases like meetings and opportunities, reduce manual work by form-filling values like amounts, dates and locations, and ensuring reps are always prepared by surfacing contextual knowledge content just in time.

Prepare for meeting

Sales Automation collects all the relevant data and insights, all in one place, to help with preparation for every upcoming meeting scheduled by a sales rep or a manager. This feature allows the Sales Automation users to prepare themselves with data such as selling history, service cases, KM articles, Sales Navigator, and notes from previous appointment before walking into a meeting.

Apart from data, this feature also provides insights such as potential cross-sell opportunities or talking points for the user based on the conversation from previous meetings.

This feature is available across desktop and mobile and a preparatory brief for every meeting is also sent to the email address of the users 24 hours in advance.

Local campaigns

Local campaigns allow sales reps to send personalized B2B and B2C campaigns to their contacts. Sales reps leverage integration with campaign offer flows in Pega Marketing to create, send, and track campaigns from a simple, intuitive user interface from within Pega Sales Automation. Flexible segmentation allows sales reps to target subsets of their contacts to receive the campaign and can then monitor the open rate, click rate and acceptance rate via dashboards. Responses to campaigns will automatically route leads back to the sales rep.

Dashboards and reports

Visual, interactive dashboards enable sales teams to make smarter decisions from anywhere. Pega-provided widgets allow sales users to easily track next best actions, next best offers, analytics around forecasts, lead volume, conversion rates and get a real-time view of the state of their business. Sales teams can view B2C and B2B dashboard reports in one instance. Each salesperson dashboard provides a personal summary while the sales manager dashboard gives a team view with the ability to analyze the details of each team member.

Sales futurecast

The Sales futurecast dashboard widget provides AI-based insights into whether a sales rep is going to attain quota for the quarter. Reps can see how each deal impacts the prediction and compare the AI prediction with their traditionally weighted pipeline.

Sales futurecast
Sales futurecast on the dashboard

Pega for Outlook and Gmail

The Pega for Outlook add-in and the Gmail Chrome extension gives sales reps contextual insight into Pega Sales Automation right from their email. As emails and appointments are selected, sales reps get a complete view of the relevant leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, and organizations. You can synchronize emails and appointments to Pega Sales Automation with a single click and easily create and modify activities, contacts, leads, and opportunities.

Email Bot

Email Bot reads and understands the content of emails and suggests actions by leveraging Pega's sentiment analysis and natural language processing (NLP). Pega sentiment analysis determines whether the text in an email from a prospect/customer is ''positive", \"negative" or "neutral". NLP analyzes email content in real-time, suggesting tasks and specific email responses".

Email Bot
Email Bot dashboard view

Microsoft Exchange integration

Bi-directional calendar sync with Microsoft Exchange allows sales managers and sales reps to manage calendar appointments across sales teams, customers, prospects, and subject matter experts from directly within Pega Sales Automation while always staying in sync with their Microsoft Exchange calendar. For example, sales reps can view sales team attendee availability in real-time and sync appointments to Exchange. Also, sales automation allows the sales rep to share his calendar with other sales reps and sales manager so that they can view the reps' appointments as well.

Sales Automation also supports bi-directional contact synchronization, eliminating the redundancy of creating or editing contacts in multiple systems, and ensuring the most up to date data is being used in both systems.

Microsoft Exchange to Pega Sales Automation email integration allows sales managers and sales reps to synchronizes their Microsoft Exchange email with Pega Sales Automation. This way the emails can automatically be stored against the corresponding work objects in sales automation and allows not just the sellers to act on it as a team but also let's sales automation to provide guided selling by drawing insight from each email.

Pega Knowledge

Seamless integration with Pega Knowledge gives every Pega Sales Automation user access to sales collateral and content. Users can browse and search the knowledge library, or sales ops and sales managers can push suggested content to sales reps based on the attributes of their leads and opportunities. One-click sharing makes it easy to send content to co-workers, prospects, and customers.


Global search performs an indexed, optimized search across all the work objects that the logged in user can access. By combining Elasticsearch with territory security, the sales team can easily find the data they need from a single search dialog on any device, displayed in order of relevancy.

Partner relationship management

Empower your partners and agencies to leverage the benefits of Pega Sales Automation while gaining insight into their deals, sales activities, and forecasts from a single application instance. Model a partner organization's tiered structure and grant granular access using territory security. Global sales ops can easily set up and administer partners as well as delegate user and territory administration to the local sales ops users at the partner organization.

Share information with partners

Channel managers can share organizations, contacts, accounts, and collateral with partner sellers in read- only mode. Channel manager can also use Spaces to share important announcements, or product updates. These capabilities allow in seamless exchange of information between the parent organization and the partner organizations.

Partner relationship management
Partner relationship management activity view

Avoid channel conflicts with deal registration

Deal registration capability helps partner sellers get the most value out of their time by letting them work on the best deals. This is how it works:

  • Partner seller gathers information on deals and submits to channel manager to approve.

  • Channel manager easily handles conflicts with visibility into potential duplicate deals.

  • Post-approval from a channel manager.

  • Partner sellers start working on the deal.

  • Timely notifications throughout deal registration provide fluid process.

Marketing Development Fund (MDF)

Channel Managers can now support marketing activities of Partner sellers by allocating them marketing development fund. Every Channel Manager has a pre-allocated budget that gets distributed among partners. This is how it works:

  • Partner seller initiates a marketing development fund request (MDF request) explaining the planned marketing activity.

  • Channel Manager reviews the request and approves the budget amount.

  • Partner seller completes his marketing activities by utilizing the budget and raises a claim request with actual expense information.

  • Channel Manager reviews the claims request and approves it, thereby bringing the MDF request to a closure.

Sales Chatbot

The Sales Chatbot replaces online registration forms by interactively capturing data and qualifying prospects. Once qualified, a lead can be automatically created and routed to the appropriate sales rep and a meeting scheduled based on the sales rep's availability. Other relevant entities, for example, organizations, contacts, tasks, activities, and pulse posts are also automatically created by the sales chatbot.

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