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SR-C82619 · Issue 421023

JavaILCompiler updated to skip a type convert when generating code for a ternary operation

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A compilation error was generated when attempting to save a Data Transform with a java expression giving the ternary as boolean. In this case, the pyWorkPage.Channel was set to  @java("tools.findPage(\"TempInputAccelPage\").getProperty(\"Channel\").getMessageCount()>0") ? "" : pyWorkPage.Channel.

The system previously used EL code generation, which had a gap which allowed such expression to work. Since the system now uses IL code generation, this expression failed. In order to ensure backwards compatibility, logic has been added to  JavaILCompiler to skip a type convert when generating code for a ternary operation where the source is ILProgramText (java expression).

SR-C79523 · Issue 421039

Updated the documentation for enabling debug logging during upgrades

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

The documentation regarding enabling debug logging during upgrades has been updated to reflect the following information: To enable debug logging during installs, upgrades or prpcUtils invocations: The template logging configuration for installs, upgrades and prpcUtils is located within the scripts/config directory of the Pega Platform distribution. To change what gets logged, modify the prlog4j2.xml file (refer to Some of the utilities involved in the install and upgrade processes use java logging. To impact what is logged by these tools, modify the file in the same directory.

SR-D8794 · Issue 483814

Import ordering shifted to prioritize Functions and Libraries

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A runtime error was seen when running DataTransform getbranchandcbsadetails. Investigation showed that when getbranchandcbsadetails was imported, the RUF it referenced was not imported beforehand. To resolve this, the import ordering has been reworked to prioritize Function and Libraries by shifting Rule-Utility-Library and Rule-Utility-Function to be after Rule-Obj-Property* in the import order.

SR-C39293 · Issue 384291

Optimization added for Oracle queries

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

Certain versions of Oracle may suffer from sporadic poor performance with all_constraints queries. To alleviate this, Pega has been updated to provide some processing optimization where possible in the TableInformationMapImpl function. Additional timing alert and debugging logic has also been added in this class for all platforms, especially for lookupForeignKey.

SR-C59769 · Issue 399683

Chart fixes for localization and filtering

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

A problem was seen with a chart where the column was a date and its labels were not localized even though the values were displayed in the data grid correctly. This was resolved by updating the pzMultiSeriesData XML Stream to generate the series name attribute with the localized value. An issue with a drill down report pulling the data for entire criteria on click of specific set even though the summary view or clicking on the report data worked correctly has been fixed by adding an enhancement for using the aggregate column as a filter on drilldown with "Is not null". Additional work was also done to resolve an issue of a broken case causing the chart not to render when the aggregates were in an unexpected order.

SR-C72337 · Issue 414084

Atmosphere cross-site scripting Vulnerability fixed

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

Atmosphere has been updated to close a potential cross-site scripting vunerability.

SR-C88178 · Issue 414108

docx4j jar updated for compatibility with Office365

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

After generating a docx file with Office365, an error appeared indicating the document had invalid XML data and couldn't be opened. Once the error message was dismissed, the file could be opened normally. This was caused by an incompatibility between Office365 and the Plutext docx4j jar, and the Plutext jar has now been updated to version 6.1.1 to resolve this issue.

SR-C65381 · Issue 415187

Added check for pyType when refreshing the Declare_pyDisplay Page

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

The standard behavior of clicking a link in the left navigation of the Pega Diagnostic Cloud manager portal is to open a new thread which automatically adds/updates the Declare_pyDisplay Page. However, in some circumstances opening the work items and clicking the navigation link followed by a refresh/F5 from the Google Chrome browser caused the Declare_pyDisplayDatapage to become corrupted and either froze the screen or caused a new popup window to open. This was traced to a situation where the parameter "pyType" was not present in one of the cases, causing the system to rely on "harnessName" instead. To resolve this, a check has been added that will retrieve pyType from the docObj parameter page of the pzpega_ui_dynamiccontainer.js file if needed.

SR-C71520 · Issue 415398

Robot Manager portal re-launch correctly renders the last active screen

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

Two problems were seen with Robot Manager:1) Opening Robot Manager and then navigating to Workgroup drill-in screen worked as expected, but when the portal was closed and re-launched from Designer Studio, the last active screen (workgroup drill-in) was rendered but with no valid data in it. 2) Opening Robot Manager from email notification worked the first time, but when the same button from the same mail was clicked, the last active screen was rendered with blank or no valid data. This was caused by preActivity and preActivityParams not being sent in the doUIAction call during re-launch of the portal, and has been fixed.

SR-C64192 · Issue 415846

Activity Run allows autocomplete control for data transform

Resolved in Pega Version 8.3

An enhancement has been added to allow changing the control from Dropdown to Autocomplete when an activity is Run and the "apply data transform" checkbox is checked.

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