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SR-D47018 · Issue 517032

Corrected parameter being encrypted during change portal configuration

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

After configuring a changePortalLayout control using .pyDescription as property, trying to switch the portal was throwing a error page. The same configuration worked in earlier platform versions. This was traced to recent updates where the activity parameter ended up being encrypted along with the activity name, and has been resolved by removing the parameter from encryption input and adding it to encryption output.

SR-D5904 · Issue 511600

Discard changes dialog now showing for local actions

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

After having modified case data without saving and clicking on a menu entry (left menu, search, ...), the system shows a dialog box to ask the user to confirm it is ok to discard changes. However, this confirmation dialog did not work with local actions, leading users to lose their work without any warning nor any way to step back. This was traced to a difference in the dirty form check, which was not present when launching a local action from a case. An enhancement has now been added to the handleMenuAction js function in pypega_ui_harnessactions.js which will perform a dirty form check with a prompt.

SR-D24527 · Issue 504402

Improved requestor cleanup

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

Batch- and Browser-type Requestors were building up over time in both the Admin Studio and in the PegaRULES log and not removed until the system was restarted. This has been resolved by adding two extra cleanupRequestor calls to the Email Listener implementation.

SR-D29034 · Issue 500681

Added support for JSON mapping of deep nested pagelist objects

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

An exception occurred when using a JSON data transform in the service activity to map the clipboard data to JSON on the third level of a structure formed as Pagelist-->page-->pagelist. To resolve this, support has been added for nested pagelist mapping with deep nesting of objects (configured for one sided actions) and arrays.

SR-D33003 · Issue 511230

Queue Batch activity correctly passes chlld process access group

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

When users attempted to create an index using the schema tools landing page, an error displayed in the table history stating "Create index failed". Investigation showed that this happened when a user was authenticated without the PegaRULES:DatabaseAdministrator role and then switched to an Access Group with the PegaRULES:DatabaseAdministrator role. The issue was traced to the activity that launched the batch requestor missing the parameter pzUseCurrentAccessGroupForChild due to the Queue Batch activity only passing the default access group authorization. This has been resolved by adding code to pass the additional authorization which will allow users to create an index in this scenario.

SR-D33214 · Issue 514023

Added safeURL encoding for Japanese characters in attached filenames

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

It was not possible to preview a Japanese-titled PDF file attached on a work object. Investigation showed that in case of Japanese characters, file names were not being correctly encoded during the fetch request when JBoss was used. The retrieval worked correctly under Tomcat. In order to ensure consistent encoding, the safeURL API will be used for constructing the URL and for the activities DisplayAttachFile and pzDownloadFromRepository which add the ContentDisposition header.

SR-D33227 · Issue 510825

Check added for lock expiration when using Save for Default locking

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

With the default case locking policy, during the process from creating a Case Object to Submit it was possible for multiple users to edit and save the same work object if the lock expired for the original user. No warnings appeared. To resolve this, handling has been added for a lock expiration scenario: previously, Save for Default locking was not considered. This has now been updated with a check that will evaluate whether or not the lock is gone before attempting to save.

SR-D37779 · Issue 514411

Dynamic System Setting added to Invalidation query to tune performance

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

Running a RuleInvalidation query on an SQLServer database with a large amount of data was causing performance issues. To improve performance, a force order hint has been added which can be enabled with the Dynamic System Setting racache/useForceOrderHintForInvalidationQuery.

SR-D40785 · Issue 515099

WorkPageName preserved during passivation so attachments are correctly tracked

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

When a work object was left open but inactive for a period, using the delete button in the pyAttachFieldRequired section caused the deletion of the Attachment Links for the 500 most recent attachments in the system with the same value for the AttachmentFieldName, regardless of which work object they were attached to. This was due to the delete attachments activity being executed with missing parameters: since data page loading was disabled and read-only data pages are not passivated, the value for the autopopulate property 'WorkPageName' was passed as empty. To resolve this, the data page will be preserved or reloaded as appropriate so the WorkPageName is maintained.

SR-D40883 · Issue 511123

Updated SendEmail shape to remove newline code from the subject line

Resolved in Pega Version 8.2.5

When using the SendEmail shape to send outgoing email, the message contained HTML tags on the subject line that caused it to be split and copied into the email body. This has been resolved by updating PegaEmailClientImpl.prepareMessage() to replace new line characters with spaces in the subject.

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