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INC-128571 · Issue 584752

Auto-process assignments cleanup improved

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

After configuring auto process with an assignment at the flow end, the perform harness was being presented at the end of the assignment during runtime. This was the result of the newAssign page not being removed as part of the cleanup after auto-processing was done, causing the performB2BAssignmentCheck activity to believe the next assignment existed. This has been resolved by ensuring that auto-process assignments have the newAssignPage removed after the assignment is deleted.

INC-134113 · Issue 591542

Child case locking error message has correct parameter

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

A locking error message was appearing without the case parameter, showing "Error Message : Could not lock the cover ; has it. Please wait and try again later." This was traced to the cover already being present, causing the step to open the Cover Object to fail. To resolve this, and update has been added to pass the Cover case ID to the field value.

INC-135335 · Issue 588511

Parent flow next step will take precedence over sub-process

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

ABreadcrumb configured in the screen flow was not displaying at the last assignment when there were multiple embedded sub processes and the last assignment was called in a sub process. This was traced to the parent flow next step information not being passed due to the next step in the sub process being marked as an end shape. To resolve this, the pzFlowSteps7 html control has been updated to pass the parent flow's next step information in this situation.

INC-135751 · Issue 587288

Null check added for embedded section pyInclude tag

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

When attempting to implement a call to the Pega API casetypes endpoint, the end point /casetypes/{id} returned data for only some of the casetype IDs. For others there was no content in the response and in the logs the error "null at com.pegarules.generated.pzAPICreateJsonForGroup" was seen. This was traced to the use of an old section which did not generate the embedded section pyInclude tag. When the API was called on the same section, it tried to perform an equality check on the variable which gets the pyInclude value, and the null value caused the null pointer exception. This has been resolved by adding a null check to cover pyInclude in an embedded section.

INC-136208 · Issue 585227

Case history filter added for manual instantiation of Child Case

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

After upgrade from v7.4 to v8.3, creating any child case from a parent case unexpectedly added the audit history "Child case xxxxx has been manually instantiated" to the parent case. In order to make this customizable, an "isHistoryAvailable" function has been added in the 'when' condition of "AddCoveredWork" Activity's "History-Add" Step. This will use the FilterHistory decision tree, which now has a setting for "ChildCaseInsAudit" to control whether or not the manual Instantiation of a Child Case will appear in the case history. The default is "true"; setting it to "false" will suppress the message.

INC-136327 · Issue 591467

Stage keeps proper order placement on restart

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

When a user restarted a stage, the stage moved to the end of the list of stages and stayed there even when completed. Investigation showed that when pxRestartStage was configured as a post-processing activity for a flow action, pxStageHistory was updated with a new list item which considered pxCameFrom and pxStageId as the same. Due to this, the current stage was moved to last in the chevron. This has been resolved by adding a new 'when' condition to pzLoadStageStatusDP that will skip the item of pxStageHistory (Alternate stage) if both .pxCameFrom and .pxStageId are same.

INC-136641 · Issue 586516

OpenIfStale updated to resolve optimistic locking race condition

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

A race condition was created in optimistic locking by having two assignments save at overlapping times. This has been resolved by modifying the pzShowConflicts activity to use a version of openIfStale which will consider a workpage as stale even if the difference in pxUpdateDatetime is in milliseconds.

INC-138348 · Issue 599769

Added parameter skipPropertyEvaluation to handle CSS in email HTML

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

While sending an email with custom HTML appended to the email body, a "+" sign in the body was causing the correspondence generation to fail. Investigation showed that if there were CSS classes with braces in the message body, the braces were being removed and replaced via "+" symbol in step 21 of CorrCreate activity. To resolve this, a new Boolean parameter skipPropertyEvaluation has been added in the CorrCreate activity to handle the decision to either evaluate the logic or not, and the pre-requisite will be to resolve all the property references before calling this activity so custom CSS braces { } will be honored when the message body is sent. In order to skip the evaluation that removes and replaces the braces, the skipPropertyEvaluation must be checked.

INC-139074 · Issue 587812

Email handling security updated

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

Cross site scripting protections have been enhanced for email activities.

INC-141751 · Issue 596135

DragAndDrop attaching large file properly disables 'X'

Resolved in Pega Version 8.6

When a large file was attached using the DragAndDrop feature, the 'X' icon/button was not disabled. This made it possible to click 'X' and perform other actions during the upload, which caused the screen to freeze and required a browser refresh to continue the work. This was traced to incomplete work done on large file uploads, and has been resolved by ensuring the busy Indicator shown will be applied to the complete screen to avoid any other actions being performed.

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