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Release 8.1 hotfixes

Updated on October 14, 2021

Pega Product Composer for Healthcare Hotfixes

Required Pega Product Composer for Healthcare​ 8.1 hotfixes

Pega Platform VersionHotfix NumberObserved Behavior
8.1.6HFix-58275System becomes unresponsive when bulk plan flattening, is attempted using “PCSFlattenAllPlansAfterDeleting” activity. As part of fix Queue-Method is replaced with queue for processor so that:
  1. Progress of plan level flattening, can be tracked.
  2. In case of any failure, reprocess the plans in broken queues.
  3. Control the parallel execution of plan flattening (by defining the appropriate number of threads in queue processor rule: “CREATEFLATTENEDPLAN” (which is defaulted to 1 thread on the queue-processor).
  4. This activity “DELETEANDREFLATTENPLAN” is refactored to truncate the table instead of obj-browse and obj-delete by handle.
  5. History class instances creation/inserts is disabled for flattened main classes to reduce the number of database interactions.

This SE addresses the below MU/Flattening issues and enhancements:

  1. Create a producttemplate and create product and plans from it. Now create copy from entities, for already created product and plans. Now run massupdate for producttemplate, in the target list screen the copied entities of product and plan are not retrieved.
  2. Flattened result (and data extracts) of product and plans is enhanced to include a new property to show the Network level covered/not covered/required/not required indicators.

  3. Mass update of product template/product and plans is enhanced to have an option to edit covered and required fields in “update used” and “add used scenarios”.

  4. An issue is fixed to not show up the products in the target selection (under the product templates) screen that didn’t have the benefits that are being updated in the Mass update “update used scenario”.

HFix-56291Fix is given to address the issue of large volume of plans, going to the broken queue when flattening utility is executed.
HFix-55352Excel data extract feature is enhanced to include the following order of cost shares changes:
  1. Addition of 4 new columns in the Product and Plan summary and cost share report excel template.
  2. Four new columns have been added in the DB table.
  3. Necessary code changes were done to populate the above mentioned columns.
Below fix is applied to the Excel data extract feature to address all the calculation methods (DED/OOP):
  1. Addition of 1 new column in the Product template, Product and Plan summary and Product and Plan cost share report excel template.
  2. One new column have been added in the DB table.
HFix-54810Excel data extract feature is enhanced to populate the data into a dedicated data base table.
HFix-54364Below is the list of PCS Performance improvement changes:
  • PCS Flattened Product/Plan has BaseName flattened. Fix for Effective/Term Dates not shown in PCS Network flow.
  • Added Filter in Product Template/Product/Plan DataExtract ReportDefinitions, to remove the Rejected entities from theData Extract Search results.
  • Create a Product Template and configure order of cost shares/accumulator/authorization at benefit level. Now create a Product using this Product Template ,error is thrown at configure benefits screen on click of Mark all complete.
  • Made changes to save/update, Covered or not covered flags while doing save across networks in Grouper and Benefit node,in configure benefit screen of Product Template /Product/Plan flows.
  • In Product Template flow go to costshares and accumulators screen, Orderofcostshares flag was made editable.
  • User is not able to edit cross network accumulator at Plan network level.
HFix-53955Enhancement for Limit configuration by adding new option BenefitLimitCountBy and Numberofdays option in units across every ProductTemplate/Product/Plan flows.
HFix-53922This hotfix provides enhanced Covered/NotCovered functionality across PCS ProductTemplate/Product/Plan flows.
HFix-53478Plan and Product detailed Cost Share Reports.
HFix-53444Data Extract Changes: The data entered into PCS system may have to be validated manually or using external tools. To facilitate this, the data configured should be extracted to excel sheets, for consumption/validation in the downstream systems. In the absence of this data extract, the plans created must be manually verified to certify the data entered in the creation process.
HFix-53311Below is the list of PCS Performance improvement changes:
  • A new work type is created to handle Auto updating and flattening of Plan for Product Change .
  • The embedded page property ‘OrgProduct’ of class ‘PegaPCS-Data-Plan’, which was earlier of type ‘manual data access’, is updated to refer a data page that holds the product data.
  • To address SR-D8613, plan code is updated to handle the junk data entered in the copy from field.
  • PCS performance can be further improved by removing unused indexes and few unused properties.
HFix-53216For some PCS plans flattening process is failing with IndexOutOfBoundsException error.
HFix-52882RUF for union data retrieval mechanism is updated to replace Page copy with property set to improve performance for ProductTemplate/Product/Plan flows.
HFix-52816Click on the action menu on a case from the case type landing page search results.This creates a case of the base application layer because it is hard coded instead of using DCR.
HFix-52777A small subset of PCS Plan work objects are not creating corresponding Plan data instances upon approval step.
HFix-52746Post processing of "Configure Benefits" screen flow is slow for PCS ProductTemplate, Product, and Plan flow.
HFix-52726Excellus has approximately 2200 plans that contain corrupted data. They could be corrected by opening and re-saving each but that will take a long time to do it individually for each plan. Utility to remove unused duplicate pages in plans (OrgProduct, BenefitTree).
HFix-52673Below is the list of PCS Performance improvement changes:
  • Remove duplicate orgproduct.
  • Remove duplicate BenefitTree.
  • Removed coverage and non coverage mapping groups.
  • Remove temporary pages present in the clipboard.
  • Fix in PCS flattening utility to address issue with BenefitSummary record generation using multiple threads.
  • A Utility is provided to remove the above list of items from the existing PCS entities to improve flattening response time.
HFix-52231In the Product flow metadata screen, deletion of Market Segment is deleting the newly added coverage levels.
HFix-51782When creating a Plan and proceeding to the "Configure Benefits" screen, Benefits inside a Grouper do not show correct values for cost share which are configured at parent Product. Inheritance description is correct and when opening the benefit correct cost share values show.
HFix-51629In PCS for Product Template/Product or Plan, go to Configure Benefit screen. Try to configure Limit , it provides option to select step down benefit. For few of the benefits after selection the benefit description disappears.
HFix-51467Performance issue is occurring when trying to open/edit the benefits inside a grouper. Also noticed that the couple of products had five networks.
HFix-51419Running of PCS flattening utility for Plans, results in times out issue.
HFix-50735In PCS plan flow unable to complete creation of a plan because an error is thrown on selection of non existing product.
HFix-50370Performance issue is observed in Pega Product Composer for Healthcare application, when edit is clicked in grouper/benefits configure cost share screen for Product flow.
8.1HFix-51594Changes are required to address the following issues:
  • Code is not sent as part of search criteria, so if there are more than 1000 records for a service type then it is not fetch in the results.
  • In PCS Product template/Product/Plan flows if blank cost share is entered in configure Network/Benefit Details Screen it throws error and after click on save error is not retained and the entity can be saved with blank value for cost shares.
  • In PCS Grouper flow under Actions button there is option for where referenced, on click it shows blank but if the grouper is consumed in Benefit set/Product template/Product/Plan that list should show up.
HFix-49276Changes are required to address the following issues:
  • In Mass Update 1st screen for Benefit Set, PT, PRD , PLN flows junk character validations should be thrown in the autocompletes.
  • Added validation to avoid spaces and special characters in code set/grp names in PCS configuration page.
  • Dental coverage details are not displayed in Benefit Mapping screen, while adding individual CDT codes.
  • In PCS sample manager portal, duplicate row entries are seen for reports, example “Plans Per Product Drill Down”.
  • In PT Configure benefits screen, grouper name is not a linked key.

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