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Release 8.3 hotfixes

Updated on October 14, 2021

Pega Product Composer for Healthcare Hotfixes

Required Pega Product Composer for Healthcare​ 8.3 hotfixes

Pega Platform VersionHotfix NumberObserved Behavior
8.3.5HFix- 80651Node restart if background activity exceeds 15 mins.
8.3.4HFix- 67736This hotfix delivers the B20 security update changes, in Pega Product Composer for Healthcare.
8.3.1HFix-61021Union data objects are not getting saved after 50 records because pagination is enabled in the report definition to page size as 50.
HFix-69395If Product is missing in the instance then the plan SU processing is routed to broken Queues, all SU locks are retained and not released.
HFix- 80382Create, update info is incorrect for entities created using SU.
HFix- 80241Benefit categories are not retained in Smart update.
HFix- 68656In SmartUpdate the Review coverages batch, is not showing the updated Deductible and OOP calculation method.
HFix- 68451

In Smartupdate “UpdateExisting” model type of BenefitSet go till the ProductTemplate.

Now in ProductTemplate “UpdateExisting” model type, do select all see the target benefit details are remapped to original BenefitSet.

HFix- 61850In ProductTemplate “Default order of costshares” is cleared when a new BenefitSet is selected and tree is Regenerated with “update only” checkbox and for regenerate new tree process pop up cancel is clicked and continued to next screen.
HFix- 61026For network/benefit/grouper nodes in the variation configuration screen, calculation method description is missing in UI for copay and coinsurance costshares.
8.3HFix- 59544

On upgrade to Pega Product Composer for Healthcare 8.3, when user runs this utility:

  1. The Annual and LifeTime max variations are copied to respective costshare fields.
  2. The variations created for annual and lifetime are deleted.
HFix-67704In Pega Product Composer for Healthcare Product or Plan when a node is opened, authorization is displayed as blank instead of showing the configured data.
HFix-66929SmartUpdate- 2 Enhancement wherein the smart update functionality, is extended for BenefitSet and Product Template as well.
HFix- 63512

This hotfix addresses below issues in SmartUpdate:

  1. Null PointerException” is observed, during plan clone creation.
  2. Utility to resolve issues with, withdrawn smartupdate entities.
  3. SmartUpdate plan created using “UpdateExisting” model type, has wrong product uniondata.
HFix-63658Plan Flattening” is updated to use a single QueueProcessor, to improve the flattening speed.
HFix-63773In plan smartupdate, corrected the “NullPointerException” caused due to “OrgProduct” reference.
HFix-63865Added validation for “Missing Alias Name” issue, in smartupdate plans.
HFix-63946Bypassed “History snapshots” creation, for the flattened class.
HFix-63856Provided Fix for “WrongModeException” and “NullPointerException”, both in Flattening and SmartUpdate.
HFix-64483In smart update, whenever the user navigates from product to plan and the model type is “Update current version”, all the plans of a product are not pre populated.
HFix-64265Provided diagnostic patch for “Declare on Change”, not triggered issue.

Below issues are fixed as part of this hotfix:

  1. In Plan SmartUpdate flow, corrected page used for “Covered/Required” flags.

  2. In case of SmartUpdate failure, union data are getting deleted.

  3. Missing AliasName” issue is observed, in smartupdate product and plans.

HFix-63062 In the smart update flow, user is stopped with an error saying "there was an error in generating the version number".

Below issues are addressed in this hotfix:

  1. In SmartUpdate Out of pocket and deductible ranges, are not copied correctly to Product/Plan for embedded calculation method.
  2. Pagination is enabled and capped at 50, for the report definition which fetches the union data records to be deleted.
  3. In SmartUpdate “Step down benefit” autocomplete, will now show all the benefits in the system.
HFix-63168In SmartUpdate, tree regeneration is having issue when insert and move operations are performed on benefits.
HFix-62926In SmartUpdate for Product/Plan flows, adding of “PolicyType” CalculationMethod for Deductible and OOP across multiple batches, is adding duplicate rows in the smartupdated entity.
HFix-62230Pre/Post extension rules, are provided for all the SmartUpdate flowactions.
HFix-62364PCS Product save is resulting in error. These Products are created from ProductTemplates, having coverage configured at “Benefit” level.
  1. Performance issue is observed, when SmartUpdate Plan is run with large number of batches.
  2. Allow SmartUpdates, when the built on entities of the current target entities are locked by other SmartUpdate.
  3. UI bug fixes for SmartUpdate flow.
HFix-62719Customer is not able to resolve the “UpdateExisting” SmartUpdate objects, because of hardcoded class name.
  1. Statusof “Withdrawn” SmartUpdated work objects, is not updated.
  2. SmartUpdate coverage screen, is not loaded for “PolicyType” calculation method.
HFix-62877In SmartUpdate , when more than one product are used for “UpdateExisting” , the plans retrieved are more in number than expected.
HFix-61998PCS is enabled with SmartUpdate feature, to update “Metadata/StructuralChanges/Coverages/AdditionalDetails” in bulk for Products and Plans.
HFix-60771After upgrading from previous versions of PCS (which do not have benefit category feature) to PCS 8.3 (which has benefit category feature) customers are blocked on the benefits and grouper flows as they are forced to select ‘mandatory’ benefit category which is non-existent in the application. This fix makes it an optional field in all the PCS processes where it was originally mandatory.
HFix-60594PCS flattening is failing when plan data class (PegaPCS-Data-Plan) is overridden at implementation layer. This fix implements the dynamic class referencing for plan data class in PCS flattening.
HFix-60429Update date time information (“pxUpdateDateTime” property) is not correctly updated when the plan is updated as a result of dependent product update. This fix ensures that pxUpdateDateTime property is updated correctly.
HFix-59061Data integrity issues are handled, which are observed when product/plan are being updated and flattening is triggered for the same Product/Plan.
HFix-58820Edit button is now disabled for all the PCS entities, when they are in initiation stage and do not reach the Pending Approval stage.
HFix-58537Changes are required to address the following PCS PlanBundle issues:
  1. Duplicate validation is fixed, when invalid plan is entered.
  2. In plan bundle “select plans” screen, plan selected through autocomplete is retained even when it is manually

    updated to an invalid plan.

  3. In Choice plan bundle, date icon is not displayed.
  4. Association date labels in plan bundle “select plans” screen, is updated to include FromDate and ToDate.

Below validations for Association date are also introduced:

  1. AssociationToDate less than AssociationFromDate.
  2. AssociationDates are within plan bundled effective and end dates.
HFix-58168For new BenefitSet and Groupers there will be no option to set the required flag for Benefit.In ProductTemplate /Product and Plan required flag will populate, on Benefit/Groupers from Network level but not from Benefitset.
HFix-58055In ProductTemplate, go to Configure Benefits screen and launch a Benefit. In the Additonal Benefit Details tab, if you expand Documentation Support section, the Notes section is missing.
HFix-57852 When Plans created in Pega Product Composer for Healthcare​ 7.31 are reiterated in Pega Product Composer for Healthcare​ 8.3, on click of Plan Metadata screen continue error is shown on UI.Note: This issue is addressed on upgrade to Pega Product Composer for Healthcare​ 8.3 from Pega Product Composer for Healthcare​ 7.31.
HFix-57245Label is changed for BenefitSet case, from Category to Insurance Line.
HFix-57069For ProductTemplate/Product/Plan flows in the Configure benefit categories screen, if a Benefit category contains more than 10 benefits, then it does not show all benefits.

This SE addresses the below Known Issues, Enhancements and Exceptions:

1. Create a producttemplate and create product and plans from it. Now create copy from entities, for already created product and plans. Now run massupdate for producttemplate, in the target list screen the copied entities of product and plan are not retrieved.

2. Flattened result (and data extracts) of product and plans is enhanced to include a new property to show the Network level covered/not covered/required/not required indicators.

3. Mass update of product template/product and plans is enhanced to have an option to edit covered and required fields in “update used” and “add used scenarios”.

4. An issue is fixed to not show up the products in the target selection (under the product templates) screen that didn’t have the benefits that are being updated in the Mass update “update used scenario”.

5. Fix is given to address the issue of large volume of plans, going to the broken queue when flattening utility is executed.

6. An exception is fixed, when a specific network is selected in the ‘target selection’ screen and ‘Run massupdate’ button is clicked for Mass update of Product and Plan ‘Update used benefit inside a grouper’ scenario.

This exception will not occur if ‘All networks’ is selected in the target selection screen.

Known issues of 8.3

1. Benefit desc­­ription did not get updated, when codes are entered manually in Benefit mapping screen. Fix is given to update the Benefit desc­­ription, when codes are entered manually in Benefit mapping screen.

2.In Choice Planbundle, validation message was not displayed when invalid plan is selected. Now validation will be thrown, when invalid plan is selected.

3. When Plan benefit Lifetimemaximum/Outofpocket/Annualmaximum/Deductible/Limit/Eligibility cost shares are inherited from Product benefit, on click of restore at Plan benefit blank section was displayed. Change is done to hide

the blank section.

4. "Invalid benefit selected" error message was displayed, even though correct Benefit is entered in Copy From Flow of Benefit. This issue is fixed now.

Other issues:

1. In Massupdate Benefitset ‘remove used’ operation is first selected and user goes to second screen. Now if user comes back ,to the first screen in Mass update and operation is changed to ‘Add’ from ‘Remove’ and user proceeds to second screen again then "At least one benefit category must be added" message is displayed.­­­ This issue is fixed now.

2. For MassUpdate BenefitSet ‘Remove Benefit’ scenario, InvalidParameter exception was thrown when navigating to configure data screen. Changes are done to handle this exception properly.

3. For entities created using CopyFrom, MassUpdate ‘Remove scenario of Benefit’ was not removing the Benefit properly from the copied entity. Change is done to remove benefit completely from the copied entity.

4. When ProductTemplate is Massupdated twice and a Product is created from this ProductTemplate, then Product Benefit costshares are displayed as “0”. Fix is given to correctly populate the Product costshares.

5. Benefit category "Where referenced" option, was not showing the Benefits which consumed a particular Benefit Category. Code is updated to show Benefits, in BenefitCategory where reference option.

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