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About Harnesses

Every section contains at least one layout. You can select from a number of layout types, among them, the smart layout. See Adding a smart layout.

Smart layouts are templates containing fixed-width, fixed-height column pairs. Each column pair is designed to hold one label and one field, typically for a Single Value property value.

You can select one of the following smart layout formats or use a custom format as defined in the Skin rule:

NoteAs a best practice, use dynamic layouts for new development. It is recommended that you upgrade existing smart layouts to take advantage of HTML5 capabilities including cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, access to the latest HTML markup, and improved performance.

When you open a section with a smart layout, you'll see a guardrail warning and a suggestion to upgrade.

Click Update layouts for Designer Studio to update this layout instance to a dynamic layout.

Some smart layout configurations may not have a one-to-one correspondence with dynamic layouts and may require some manual modifications. Note the following:


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