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Internet Explorer setup

Designer Studio and cross browser compatible applications built on the Pega Platform are accessible using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Most configuration takes place in the Internet Options window. To display this window, click Tools > Internet Options.

Browser plug-ins

Certain Pega Platform features require browser plug-ins. It is recommended that you log out of Pega Platform and restart your browser after installation is complete.

Depending on operating system and browser settings, users at workstations with internet access can download these plug-ins quickly upon first use. If you are not able to successfully download and install the following plug-ins, contact your system administrator.




Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or higher) is required when using referencing rules, the Declarative Network display and other displays in your application.

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is required when using the Word merge feature.

Adobe Reader

If you want to integrate Adobe Reader with an accessible application, see PDN article Adding browser plug-ins to accessible applications.

Pop-up blocker

Pega Platform requires pop-up windows, so ensure that your browser has the pop-up blocker disabled. For browsers that allow exceptions, an alternative is to leave the pop-up blocker enabled but add the nodes hosting your Pega Platform application to the list of allowed sites.

Using multiple tabs

You can use multiple tabs in your browser to connect to different Pega Platform systems or to have multiple connections to a single Pega Platform system using the same Operator ID.

You cannot use multiple tabs to connect to a single Pega Platform system with different Operator IDs. All browser sessions run in a single, common Windows process and share cookies.

To avoid other desktop applications from inadvertently displacing your Pega Platform session, use the following tips:

If your Pega Platform session is replaced by another application, use the Back icon to return to your work and continue. If you close the browser window, your Pega Platform session (and any unsaved work) will be lost.

NOTE: You cannot use Outlook Web Access in one tab and a Pega Platform session in another tab. Logging out of an Outlook Web Access server clears cookies for all tabs in the same window, ending your Pega Platform session. All uncommitted work is lost; log in again to start a new session.


The Pega Platform requires persistent cookies. Ensure your browser settings allow cookies. For browsers that allow exceptions, you can disable cookies but add the nodes hosting your Pega Platform application to the list of allowed sites.

Security settings

Typically, the Pega Platform server operates on a local area network (LAN) and appears in the Local Zone of Internet Explorer. You can change security settings for the Local Zone without affecting the security settings you want to apply for the Internet. The default Local Zone security setting of Medium or Medium-Low is generally appropriate for Pega Platform use.

Note: Most LANs include a domain name server so you can identify the server hosting Pega Platform by name. If you use a numeric IP address in the URL (such as "") Internet Explorer applies the security settings in the Internet Zone, NOT the Local Zone. Internet Zone settings are more restrictive than the Local Zone and may prevent proper operation of Pega Platform. Avoid using an IP address rather than a domain name. Alternatively, access Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted sites > Sites and add the IP address as a trusted site.

Restrictions on file downloads

If your Pega Platform server is identified by an IP address or by a domain-qualified name (such as myserver.mydomain.sub) in the browser's address line, you might be prompted before downloading a file. This can restrict your ability to use file attachments. To avoid this restriction, ensure that your browser has the Always prompt before downloading option disabled.

For Internet Explorer users, specifying HTTPS in your URL may block certain download operations from the server to workstations. For details and suggestions, see PDN article Troubleshooting: "Internet Explorer cannot download" messages (Tomcat with SSL) .


Pega Platform uses JavaScript. Applications might use VBScript in addition to JavaScript. Ensure your browser has JavaScript enabled.

Page refresh settings

Pega Platform uses HTTP 1.1 and marks pages as expired when appropriate. No exposed method is available that allows a user to instruct the browser to automatically clear the browser cache when the user refreshes a page. You can, however, manually clear the cache by reviewing your browser's history, browsing data or network settings.

The system responds best if your browser cache is enabled, because the cache can store images and other static files locally. Browser caching is not required.

Access to browser clipboard

When editing a section rule, you can cut, copy, and paste cells. This facility uses the browser's own clipboard, and may produce a warning dialog:

Do you want this webpage to access your Clipboard?

To suppress this warning, in the Local or Trusted Sites zone, click Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Custom Level. In the Scripting group, Set the Allow Programmatic clipboard access to Enable.

Performance tips

Developers and users are most productive if they remember these tips: