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Adding a custom field

To add a custom field, do the following.

  1. Click the History tab of a rule form.
  2. Click Add Field to open the Add custom fields dialog.
  3. Choose a name from the list of properties to populate the Name field.
    Alternatively, enter a string (letters and digits only) directly in this  field to create a new property with the specified name.
  4. If you entered a string in the Name field, select a Type for the property.
    For existing properties, this field is populated and read-only.
  5. From the RuleSet version drop-down box, select the appropriate ruleset version.
  6. For properties of Type File:
    1. Enter a brief description of the file in the Description field.
    2. Select the New or Existing radio button to indicate how you will provide the file.
    3. Click Browse to upload a file from your local system. The file you specify becomes an instance of Rule-File-Binary.
    4. Click the Pick a file button to select a file previously linked to this property.
  7. For properties of Type Text:
  8. Click Submit to close the dialog.

Note: Although the rule form automatically updates the Custom Fields list, your changes do not persist until you click Save in the rule form header.