Adding, editing, or deleting a preview device

You can preview how your application will be displayed on a specific device by selecting the device from the mobile preview menu. Mobile preview lists popular current phones and tablets. The list includes many popular devices, but if your preferred device isn't on the list, you can add it.

If you have access to Designer Studio, you can add a new device to the list, edit an existing device in the list, or delete a device from the list.

  1. In Designer Studio, select Data in the Explorer panel.
  2. From the Data Explorer top-level dropdown menu , select Add data type.
  3. In the Add data type dialog box, click Existing data type.
  4. Enter Device in the Label field and select the Pega-DevicePreview-Device rule. Click Submit.
  5. In the Pega-DevicePreview-Device rule, click the Records tab. Here you can add, edit, or delete a preview device.
    1. To add a device: Click the Add field link at the bottom of the list. Enter a device type, name, CSS height and width, and the user-agent string to be used by the device's browser.
    2. To edit an existing device: Select and edit those fields you want to change.
    3. To delete a device: Click the Trash can icon next to the device you want to remove from the list.

The device information saves automatically when you navigate away from the editable fields.