Configuring a case at run time

You can change the design of a case as you are processing it. By incorporating edits in real time, you can drive your application forward in a focused, yet flexible way.

  1. Select a case type name from the + New menu to run a case.

  2. When you reach a step in the work flow that requires updates, click Turn editing on.

  3. In the header of the case, click Configure case type to open the case type that defines the stages, processes, and steps for your case.

  4. Update the configuration of the case type.

    For example, you can change how an assignment is routed, add a new step to a process, or delete a stage.

  5. Click Done.

The changes that you make are immediately applied to your active case, which you can continue processing without restarting the case.

Tip: Click Configure this form while processing a case to change the design of fields on a form.