Updating team information

You can use the Case Manager portal to update information about your team. By maintaining accurate user profiles, you can ensure that assignments are routed to available users with relevant skills.

  1. In the Case Manager portal, click My Teams, and then click a the name of a team name.

  2. In the Members section, click the avatar of a team member.

  3. Click Actions > Edit profile to open the Edit profile dialog box.

  4. In the Profession details section, update the values of the fields.

    Options include:

    • Title - Defines the responsibilities of the team member but does not affect the way that assignments are routed.

    • Role - Controls the environment and actions that are available to the team member.

    • Business unit - Refines an affiliation with a business organization and division.

    • Reports to - Identifies a manager that can review and approve work that is assigned to the team member.

    You can edit fields in the Personal information section, however, these fields are typically managed by team members.

  5. To define areas and levels of expertise for the team member, use skill sets.

    To add a skill set:

    1. Click New skill .

    2. In the Skill field, press the Down Arrow key and select a skill that is pertinent to the role and title of the team member.

    3. In the Proficiency field, enter an integer from 0 to 10 that rates how competent the team member is when applying this skill to assignments in your application.

    You can test your changes by configuring the routing options for an assignment.

  6. Click Submit to close the Edit profile dialog box.