Configuring a form at run time

You can configure forms as you process a case. By incorporating edits in real time, you can develop your application in a dynamic and flexible way.

  1. Click Turn editing on.

  2. Select a case type name from the + New menu to create a case.

  3. Process the case by entering values in the provided fields and submitting each form.

  4. When you reach a step that has no form or a form that requires updates, click Configure this view. You can do any of the following:

    • In the right panel, click Change to switch the existing layout to any of the standard or custom predefined design templates.

    • Drag and drop fields to rearrange their order in the view.

  5. Update the form by editing the fields that it contains.

    For example, you can modify the display mode of a field or add a new field to the form.

  6. Click Done.

The changes that you make are displayed immediately and you are automatically returned to your active case.

Tip: Use the case life-cycle gadget in the header of a case to configure more options at run time.