Configuring a region at run time

Forms that are based on design templates have one or more regions. Each region is marked with a name or with a capital letter (A, B, C, and so on, depending on the number of regions). At application run time, each region is displayed with this letter or name at the top. You can configure any region as you process a case. By making changes to regions in real time, you can develop your application in a dynamic and flexible way.

For information about regions in templates and forms, search for the article Section preview shows changes in real time for templated sections on the PDN.
  1. Select a case type name from the + New menu to create a case.
  2. Turn on design mode by clicking the Toggle design mode icon (the square icon).
  3. On a form that require updates, click the Pen icon in a region header.
  4. In the template element list at the right of the screen, build each region by completing the following tasks:
    1. To specify a title for a region, click the Edit region icon and use the Region properties dialog box to enter or select the title.
    2. To add a section or control to a region, click the Add new icon and drag the element into the region.
    3. To change the sequence of elements within the region, move them up or down in the list. You can also remove elements from the region.
    4. If a region is marked as Grouped, the region is based on a layout group and you can do any of the following:
      • Set the layout group format to a different setting, such as Tab or Accordion, by clicking the Edit region icon and using the Format field on the Region properties dialog box.
      • Rename tabs.
      • Drag sections into the layout group from another region, or from the layout group into a different region.
    5. To add a field, view, or section, click the + icon and click an item in the list of available elements on the right. Click the Add to view icon to add elements that you want to include in the region. The green ball icon indicates that element has been added to a region.
  5. Click Done.
    The changes that you make are displayed immediately.