Styling controls at run time

You can style many types of controls at run time in Pega Express, rather than switching to Designer Studio and modifying the application skin. For example, for drop-down controls, you can specify text color, background fill and color, and border width and color. When you style controls directly in Pega Express, you can save development time and reduce maintenance work.

Changes are applied to all controls that use this style throughout the application. For example, when you style a drop-down control called Status, your styling changes are applied to all the drop-down controls using the Status format throughout your application.

  1. On a form with the type of control that you want to style, click the Configure this view icon for the section that contains the control.
  2. Click the Edit this field icon for a control of the appropriate type.
  3. On the properties panel that is displayed, click the Edit button beside the Control format field.
  4. On the styling panel that is displayed, set the formatting options, click Apply, and then close the panel.
  5. On the properties panel, click Apply, and then close the panel.
  6. On the Configure form panel, click X to close the runtime configuration panel.
    To see a step-by-step example, search for the article Styling controls at run time in Pega Express on the PDN.