Assigning an existing task to a user

You can use an existing flow action to assign a task to a user. By reusing the forms and fields in your application, you can design case types more efficiently.

  1. In the navigation panel, click Case types, and then click the name of a case type.
  2. On the Workflow tab, click Life cycle.
  3. Hover on a process in a stage and click + Step .
  4. In the palette that is displayed, click More.
  5. Click User actions to display a list of flow actions.

  6. Click the name of a flow action and review the description that is displayed.
  7. Click Select to add an assignment to the process that displays the flow action to users at run time.
  8. On the General tab of the contextual property panel, enter values in the fields to indicate how the assignment, or task, is routed.
  9. Identify the user or team who performs the assignment.
    • To assign the task to the user who last updated the case:
      • In the Route to list, select Current user.
    • To assign the task to another user in your application:

      1. In the Route to list, select Specific user.

      2. Select an option from the first list that is displayed to indicate how your application finds the specific user.

        For example, you can route the assignment by user name or by reporting manager.

      3. Select an option from the second list that is displayed.

        This list is populated with either the names of users or user references, based on the selection that you make in the first list. This list is not displayed when you route an assignment to your reporting manager.

    • To assign the task to a team that shares a work queue:

      1. In the Route to list, select Work queue.

      2. Select the name of a user role from the list that is displayed.

  10. Click Save.