Configuring the Facebook channel

You use the Facebook channel to build a conversational user interface for Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant to interact with a Pega Platform application by using Facebook Messenger. Users can enter commands in the Facebook Messenger chat window to perform predefined actions such as displaying a menu of commands or creating cases for the application.


Before you configure a Facebook channel interface as a chatbot, you must purchase a separate license for Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant and install the Facebook channel component from Pega Exchange, and set it up in Pega Platform. To do so, you create a Facebook page, add a Facebook app, and set up the Facebook channel. For more information, see the Configuring a Facebook chatbot PDN article.

To configure a Facebook channel interface:

  1. Click the name of your application, and then click Channels and Interfaces.
  2. Click a Facebook channel interface.
  3. Configure chatbot system responses.
  4. Add chatbot cases.
  5. Add chatbot custom responses.
  6. Configure chatbot text analyzers.
  7. Use the preview console to test and configure responses.