Configuring an SDK mobile app

You develop an SDK mobile app outside of Pega Express by using the integrated development environment (IDE) of your choice, which also uses the Pega Mobile SDK. By later creating a definition for your SDK mobile app within Pega Express, you can configure the app for push notifications.

Pushing notifications to a mobile device lets you directly send important information to the users. You can create multiple definitions for your SDK apps in Pega Express.
Note: You can also optionally upload the binary files for your iOS apps to later distribute the mobile app by using a QR code.
  1. Click Settings > Channels and interfaces.
  2. If the SDK mobile app exists:
    1. In the Current channel interfaces section, click an SDK mobile app icon.
    2. Click the Build tab.
  3. If you have not defined an SDK mobile app:
    1. In the Create new channel interface section, click Mobile.
    2. In the Configuration section, enter a name for the mobile app.
    3. In the Mobile app type property, select SDK.
  4. If you are building an app for the Android platform, set up the options for the Android platform.
  5. If you are building an app for the iOS platform, set up the options for the iOS platform.
  6. Click Done.