Uploading a push notifications certificate

By uploading a push notifications certificate to an iOS certificate set in Pega Express, you can use the certificate set for a custom mobile app or an SDK mobile app that you are configuring, so that push notifications are enabled in the mobile app.

Before doing the steps in the following procedure, you must already have generated a .p12 file containing a single private key and a single public APNs certificate.
  1. Open a new certificate set.
  2. From the Mobile Provisioning file list, click a provisioning profile that supports push notifications. Otherwise, the Push Notification Certificate list is not visible.
  3. Click New that is located next to the Push Notification Certificate list.
  4. Click Browse, and select an APNs certificate file from your directory that contains a single private key.
  5. In the Certificate name field, enter the name for the push notifications certificate. The name cannot include underscore ( _ ), hyphen (-), or period (.) characters.
  6. In the Encryption password field, enter the encryption password for the push notifications certificate.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Submit.