Adding or editing charts

You can add a chart to a report, or you can edit an existing chart. To include a chart, a report must have aggregated data. You can aggregate the data by summarizing a column. If your report does not have a summarized column, you can summarize a column when you configure the chart.

  1. Run the report that you want to update.
  2. In the Report Viewer, click Edit report.
  3. In the Report Editor, click Add chart or Edit chart, depending on whether a chart is already defined for the report.
  4. In the Edit chart dialog box, specify the chart data and appearance.

    Depending on the chart type, options include:

    • Chart type – Select the type of chart that you want to use for displaying the data.
    • Group by – Select the group by column from the list of columns defined for your report. The group by column organizes the summarized data for the chart.
    • Then group by – To add a second group by column to the chart, click this option, and select another column. This column further organizes the summarized data.
    • Series – Select a column from the report that will be a summarized column. To add another summarized column, click + Add series.
    • Show as – Select the function to use for summarizing the data in the corresponding series column.
    • Range formatting – For gauge charts, use the options on the Presentation tab to specify the formatting for the color arcs of the gauge.
      • To have ranges automatically formatted, select the Automatic range check box. The arc is a solid color, and the end value is slightly larger than the actual value.
      • To specify ranges manually:
        1. Clear the Automatic range check box.
        2. Click +Add range.
        3. In the Is between fields, specify the range values for the color arcs on the gauge. The ranges cannot overlap.
        4. Click the colored square to specify the color for the arc, and click Submit.
  5. In the Preview pane, preview the chart data and appearance.
    Note: The preview is not available if you changed the function of a column.
  6. Click Submit to save the chart.