Adding filter conditions

You can add filter conditions that restrict which rows of data are included in a report.

To improve the performance of running reports, define filter conditions that are as restrictive as possible, while still including the data that you need.

  1. In the Report Editor, click +Filter in the Filter by section.
  2. Enter the name of a field to search for, or click Fields to select one from a list of available fields.
  3. In the Add filter window, specify the following information:
    • Display name – Specify a name for the filter condition. This name displays in the Filter by section of the Report Editor.
    • Comparator – Select a logical operator for the comparison condition.
    • Specify comparison values by using the following options:
      • Value – Enter a comparison value. If you specify multiple values, place each value within quotation marks and use a comma to separate the values. For example:


      • Select values – Select comparison values from a list of available values. This option is not available for numeric or text columns when the comparator setting is Greater than, Greater than or equal, Less than, or Less than or equal.
  4. Click Submit to create the filter condition.