Editing reports

By using the tools and resources in the Report Editor, you can modify reports to change the way the information is displayed, or filter the data for different audiences.

  1. Open the Report List by clicking Reports in the left navigation pane.
  2. Click the report in the list to run it.
  3. In the Report Viewer, click Edit report. You can edit the report in the following ways:
    • Change the title of the report by directly modifying the displayed text. The report title cannot be blank. If you change the title, the name of the report in the Report List is also updated.
    • Add, remove, and organize columns by using the menu options for a column. Each column has a corresponding drop-down menu.
    • Specify how data is displayed by clicking Show data as in the menu for a column.
    • Sort the values in a column by clicking Sort columns in the Columns menu.
    • Display group headings in a summarized report by clicking Show group headings in the Columns menu. When you select this option, results are sorted by the group by columns and can include subtotals. Clear this option to repeat the values for each group by column on each row.
    • Change the column heading by clicking Format column in the menu for that column.
    • Set filter conditions that restrict which rows of data are included in a report. If you specify multiple values to filter on, place each value within quotation marks and use a comma to separate the values. For example: "operator", "division".
    • If you add multiple filters, specify the filter logic by clicking Edit condition in the Filter by menu.
    • Add or edit charts by clicking Add chart or Edit chart, depending on whether a chart is already defined for the report.
    • Toggle between using simulated or actual data by clicking the Simulated or Actual data options. Designing a report with simulated data avoids repeated queries of the database while you edit the report, allowing for faster changes.
  4. Click Done editing to save your changes. If you save the report, the modified report opens in the Report Viewer.