Reorganizing columns

To customize a report to better suit your business needs, you can reorganize existing columns and change the way data is displayed and formatted by using the Report Editor.

  1. Run the report you want to modify, and in the Report Viewer, click Edit report.
  2. Click the column name and use the following menu options to modify the column:
    • Show data as — Specifies how data is displayed. The available options depend on the field and include:
      • List — Displays data in a list.
      • Group — Groups data by values in this column.
      • Count — Displays a count of the number of rows with a non-null value in this column.
      • Count distinct — Displays a count of the number of unique values in this column.
      • Sum — Adds all instances of this field.
      • Max — Displays the highest value.
      • Min — Displays the lowest value.
      • Average — Displays the average of this field.
    • Format column — Specifies the name that displays in the column header.
    • Move left — Moves the column one place to the left.
    • Move right — Moves the column one place to the right.
    • Remove column — Removes the column from the report.
  3. To sort the values in columns by ascending or descending order, click Sort columns in the Columns menu, and specify sort conditions.
  4. Click Done editing to save your changes, or click Discard to exit the Report Editor without applying any changes.