Starting a continuous delivery build

If you have configured a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for your application by using Deployment Manager, you can submit your application changes into the CI/CD pipeline to start a continuous delivery build. For example, you can make changes to a life cycle, a data model, or user interface elements in a screen and submit those changes to staging, preproduction, and production systems in the pipeline.

You can submit applications to a pipeline when the following criteria are met:
  • You have created a pipeline for your application in Deployment Manager.
  • The RMURL Dynamic System Setting, which defines the URL of the orchestration server, is configured on development system.

For more information about Deployment Manager, see the article Deployment Manager on the PDN.

Note: Configure at least one manual step, which you assign to a user, in your pipeline in Deployment Manager. When the pipeline runs, it is paused during the manual step, which allows stakeholders to inspect and test your changes before they approve the step and send the application to production.
  1. In the Pega Express header, click Publish.
    Pega Express displays the application versions that are currently on your development, staging, and production systems.
  2. To submit an application from development to staging, click Publish to staging, and then click OK.
    Each unlocked ruleset version in your application is locked and rolled to the next highest version. A package of your application is automatically generated, published, and imported into your staging system. The amount of time that publishing application changes takes depends on the size of your application.
  3. Optional: Make changes to your application in the unlocked rulesets, which you can submit to staging.
  4. Optional: Request that stakeholders review and test your changes.
    After they communicate to you that they have completed testing, you can publish your changes to production.
  5. To publish the application from staging to production, click Publish to Production, and then click OK.