Importing specifications

You can import application specifications from an Excel spreadsheet. You can define specifications in a template, start with a copy of the existing items in your application, or upload a file from your local system.

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. In the navigation panel, click Settings > Tools.
  3. Import, generate, or download a specifications spreadsheet by using the following options in the Specifications spreadsheet section:
    • Import specifications – Imports specifications that you defined in an Excel spreadsheet. The file extension must be .xlsx.
    • Generate spreadsheet – Generates a spreadsheet that contains the specifications for your application.
    • Regenerate spreadsheet – Regenerates the specifications spreadsheet. This option is available if you previously generated a specifications spreadsheet.
    • Download spreadsheet – Downloads an Excel spreadsheet that contains the existing specifications for your application. This option is available after you generate a specifications spreadsheet. You can save the file locally and edit the spreadsheet to modify, add, and delete items.
  4. If you clicked Import specifications, click Choose .xlsx file and browse your local system to select the file to import.

    If you want to import only new specifications that you define in a spreadsheet, click Download a spreadsheet. This option saves an Excel spreadsheet template to your local system. You can create specifications by adding rows to the spreadsheet.

  5. Click Upload. The system uploads and analyzes the file. A dialog box displays the number of specifications to import.
  6. Click Submit to finish importing specifications.