Changing your theme

You can change the logo and application name in your application's banner, select a theme for how your application looks, or style individual user interface elements, such as buttons and links.

  1. Open the application in Pega Express and click Turn editing on.
  2. In the navigation panel, click Settings > Theme.
  3. Enter the name of your application.
  4. To specify whether to display your logo, application name, both, or neither in the banner, use the Show on Banner option.
  5. Optional: To upload your application's logo, cick Upload logo.
    If you choose to display the logo, it is displayed on the left side of the banner. The supported file types are jpg, png, and gif.
  6. Select a theme, which determines the default colors for elements in your user interface, such as buttons and links.
  7. Optional: Customize the theme by completing the following actions:
    • Use options under Colors to specify colors for UI elements such as strong, standard, and simple buttons.
    • Use options under Text to specify fonts, font weights, and font sizes.
    • You can add new theme colors and new theme text. The name of the new theme must be unique.
  8. Optional: To reset all color and text options to their default values for the theme, click Reset to default.
  9. Optional: Click Edit CSS to change the styles that you cannot select for the theme on the Theme tab, for example, the font for the header text.
  10. Click Save.
You can also change the styling of some controls at run time in Pega Express. For more information, search for the article Styling controls at run time in Pega Express on the PDN.