Analyzing example projects and models in Prediction Studio

Prediction Studio contains examples of predictive analytics projects, classification models, and sentiment models that are pre-installed. These projects are intended to be simple starting points to understand the functionality for each model type. You can access the example projects from the Predictions navigation panel.

You can use the pre-configured example projects to learn how to create and maintain different model types in various ways:
  • You can Open an example to see how you configure an accurate and reliable model.
  • You can Test and Run an example to learn how a correct model should operate and what results it should produce.
  • You can Save a new instance of an example and use it as a baseline for your own model.
The following examples are available:
Predict Prob of Default
Scoring predictive analytics project
Predict Customer Value
Spectrum predictive analytics project
Predict Credit Risk
Extended scoring predictive analytics project. It requires an outcome inferencing license.
Telecom taxonomy
Topic detection model for the telecommunications industry.
Banking taxonomy
Topic detection model for the banking industry.
Customer support taxonomy
Topic detection model for customer support.
Sentiment Models
Default sentiment analysis model for multiple languages.
The DMSample application also includes the following example models:
Predict Churn
Predictive model with an associated project.
Predict Risk
Predictive model that uses a PMML model.
Classify Call Context
Text Classification model