Configuring a machine learning service connection

To run third-party machine learning and artificial intelligence models and use their results in Pega Platform, configure access to a third-party service, such as Google AI Platform, in Prediction Studio.

Before you begin: Create an authentication profile to which you map the new service configuration. For more information, see Authentication profiles.
  1. In the navigation panel of Prediction Studio, click Settings > Machine learning services.
  2. In the header of the Machine learning services work area, click New.
  3. In the Create new connection dialog box, select the service type that you want to configure, for example, Google AI Platform.
  4. Enter the service name, and then select the authentication profile that you want to map to the new service.
  5. Save the new service connection configuration by clicking Submit.
Result: Your machine learning service connection is defined.
What to do next: Run your custom model through the new service connection. For more information, see Connecting to a machine learning as a service model.