Preparing data for topic detection

In the Taxonomy selection step, select the taxonomy to use for topic detection.

Taxonomy is a collection of all topics that you want to categorize your content into. For more information about creating a taxonomy see Requirements and best practices for creating a taxonomy for rule-based classification analysis on Pega Community.
  1. Select the taxonomy by performing one of the following actions in the Taxonomy selection area:
    • To use an existing taxonomy:
      1. Click Select taxonomy.
      2. Select a taxonomy from the drop-down list.
    • To upload a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file that contains a taxonomy:
      1. Click Upload file.
      2. Click Choose file to select your taxonomy file from your directory or drag and drop the file inside the box to upload it.
    • To create a new taxonomy, click Create and define a topic hierarchy and corresponding keywords. For related steps, see Defining a taxonomy.
  2. Click Next.