Defining the outcome field for scoring and extended scoring models

Define the outcome field that represents the behavior that you want to predict in the model.
Before you begin:  Enable outcome inferencing. See Enabling outcome inferencing.
  1. In the Outcome definition step, from the Model type drop-down list, select the SCORING or EXTENDED_SCORING type.
  2. From the Outcome field to predict field, select an outcome field.
    The list contains only symbolic fields.
    Result:  For the <Virtual Field> option, the Virtual field dialog box opens for defining or selecting a formula for the outcome field. For more information, see Virtual Fields.
  3. For extended scoring models, if the sample contains a field that indicates whether the sample cases were accepted or rejected during processing, select the Use decision field check box.
  4. In the value grid, map every value of the outcome field to an Outcome category and click Apply.
  5. Optional: In the Graphical view tab or the Tabular view tab, check the distribution of cases.
What to do next:  For extended scoring models with the decision field, define the previous decision. See Defining a previous decision.