Exporting text analytics models

Export a text analytics model to a selected environment. For example, you can export a text analytics model to a production system so that the model gathers feedback data.

  1. Optional: To include training data in the exported text analytics model, click Settings > Prediction settings, and then select the Include historical data source in text model export checkbox.
    Note: Include training data only if you want to migrate the model to a non-production system.
  2. In the navigation panel of Prediction Studio, click Predictions.
  3. In the Predictions work area, for the model that you want to export, click the More icon, and then click Manage versions.
  4. In the Manage model versions window, click Export next to the model version that you want to export.
    Result: You downloaded a .zip file that contains the selected model version to your local directory.
What to do next: Import the downloaded model to a different environment. For more information, see Importing text analytics models.