Importing text analytics models

Import a text analytics model to a selected environment. For example, you can import the model from a production system to a development system to update the model with the feedback data collected in the production system.

Before you begin: 
  • Download a .zip file that contains the model that you want to import. For more information, see Exporting text analytics models.
  • In the system to which you want to import the model, create a ruleset and a ruleset version that correspond to the model version. For more information, see Creating a ruleset version.
  1. In the navigation panel of Prediction Studio, click Predictions.
  2. In the header of the Predictions work area, click Actions > Import > Text model version.
  3. In the Import text model window, click Choose File, and then select the file that contains the model that you want to import.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Import.
    Result: Every time that you import a new text analytics model to Prediction Studio, the model appears in the Predictions work area. If you import a new version of an already existing model, Prediction Studio adds the new version to that model.
What to do next: If you imported the model to a production system, you can update the model with the collected feedback data. For more information, see Updating training data for text analytics models.