Testing text analytics models

You can perform ad-hoc testing of text analytics models that you created and analyze their performance in real-time, on real-life data.

For testing purposes, Pega Platform creates a temporary Text Analyzer rule that contains the model that is the test subject. Testing text analytics models helps to ensure that the models are ready for deployment in the production environment.

  1. In the navigation panel of Prediction Studio, click Predictions.
  2. For the model that you want to test, click the More icon and then select Test.
  3. In the Test window, paste your text sample.
  4. If applicable, configure any additional options that are specific to the model that you are testing.
    When testing sentiment analysis models you can change the default neutral sentiment score range. When testing topic detection settings, you can specify topic detection preference, analysis granularity, and the number of categories that you want to detect. When testing text extraction models, you can select any number of entity types to test, depending on your needs.
  5. Click Test and evaluate the outcome, for example, the sentiment classification.