Viewing Prediction Studio notifications

Gain an insight into the performance of your adaptive and predictive models by accessing notifications in Prediction Studio. By viewing detailed monitoring data for your models, you can update their configuration to improve the predictions that you use to adjust your client-facing strategies. The system checks for new notifications in batches according to the snapshot agent schedule, for example, nightly, or when you refresh the data for a model. Notification icons that indicate new insights are displayed in the Prediction Studio header and in the Adaptive Model rule workspace.
  1. In the header of Prediction Studio, access the model notifications:
    • To access a single recent notification, click the Notifications icon in the top-right corner of the header, and then click the notification that you want to view.

      The Monitor tab of a model to which the notification relates opens.

    • To access all notifications for a model rule, click the Notifications icon in the top-right corner of the header, and then click Show more.
    • To view all notifications for a model instance, in the navigation panel of Prediction Studio, click Predictions, select the model that you want to verify, and then expand the Insights section on the right.
    The number of new messages is displayed in a red circle on the Notifications icon. Only the most recent batch of notifications appears in the lists.
  2. Analyze the notification messages.
    For information about how to interpret the notifications, see Prediction Studio notification types.
What to do next: Update the models that triggered the notifications to improve their performance. For more information, see Best practices for adaptive and predictive model predictors.