Viewing a model report

To analyze an adaptive model, you can view a detailed model report that lists active predictors, inactive predictors, the score distribution, and a trend graph of model performance. You can also zoom into a predictor distribution.

Note: For more information, switch your workspace to Dev Studio and access the Dev Studio help system.
  1. In the navigation panel of Prediction Studio, click Predictions.
  2. Click an adaptive model that you want to edit.
  3. On the adaptive model form, click the Monitor tab.
  4. Optional: To refresh the model details with the latest reporting data from the Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM) server, click Refresh reporting data.
    The data in the bubble chart comes from data snapshots that are taken on the Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM) server.
  5. In the grid that contains model data, find the model that you want to report on.
  6. In the View column, click Model report.
  7. Click one of the following tabs:
    • To analyze predictors for the selected model, click Predictors.

      Correlated predictors are automatically grouped under the best-performing predictor whose status becomes Active. The remaining predictors in each group are Inactive. You can expand each group to view all predictors that belong to that group.

      Predictors that have a univariate performance under the performance threshold setting also become Inactive.

    • To display generated score intervals and their propensity, click Score distribution.
    • To display the performance of the selected adaptive model over time, click Trend.

      Click this tab to identify sudden changes in the performance of your model when new propositions or predictors are added.

  8. Optional: To view detailed distribution metrics, click a predictor.
    You can view detailed metrics for positive and negative responses, propensity, z-ratio, and lift. For more information, see Predictor report details.
  9. Optional: To export the model report as a CSV or PDF file, click Export and select the applicable format.