Represents an object that enables opening a URL address from within the web application.

Depending on configuration settings, the URL is opened either within the application or in an external browser. If the internal browser is used, it is shared among all the web applications running within Hybrid Container, therefore the browser can be closed by a different web application than the one that has opened it. In such a case events are passed to all web applications (including bootstrap).

On iOS, the internal browser displays a floating Back button, which enables returning to the web application.

On Windows Phone 8, the window.close method is not available.

The object can be accessed using the launchbox.Browser reference.


This object belongs to the Web Browser product module.


The table below lists all constant values of the Browser object, used as failure codes in the onLoadFailure callback.

Name Description
INTERNAL_ERROR Denotes that an internal error has occurred.
TIMEOUT_ERROR Denotes that a timeout has occurred.
CANNOT_FIND_HOST_ERROR Denotes that the browser can not find a host.
CANNOT_CONNECT_TO_HOST_ERROR Denotes that the browser is unable to connect to the host.
MALFORMED_URL_ERROR Denotes that the URL address is not a valid URL.
REDIRECT_LOOP_ERROR Denotes that a page cannot be loaded due to a redirect loop.
GENERAL_URL_LOAD_ERROR Denotes that a general error has occurred.


Name Description Return type

Opens a URL address within the application or in an external browser, depending on configuration settings.


Closes the browser's window, once called from the web application.


Adds a Browser listener to the list of listeners.


Removes the listener added using the addListener method from a list of Browser listeners.


window. methods

Apart from its regular methods, the Web Browser API provides support for custom methods that replace the regular and window.close methods provided by the device's native WebView.

Name Description Return type

Opens a URL address in a pop-up WebView or in an external browser, depending on configuration settings.


Closes the browser WebView window, once called from this window. This method does not work on Windows Phone 8.


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