Reads the next block of entries from the current directory.

If there are no additions to or deletions from a directory between the first and last call to the readEntries method (and no errors occur), then:

  • A series of calls to the readEntries method returns each entry in the directory exactly once.

  • Once all entries have been returned, the next call to the readEntries method produces an empty array.

  • The array produced by the readEntries method is not empty if not all entries have been returned.

  • The entries produced by the readEntries method does not include the directory itself (".") or its parent ("..").


This method returns directory contents in batches. It may have to be called several times to obtain the complete directory contents. Please refer to the W3C File API Specification for further information.


DirectoryReader.readEntries( successCallback, errorCallback )


This method does not return anything.


Name Description Type Use
successCallback Called once per successful call to the readEntries method to deliver the next previously-unreported set of Entries in the associated Directory. If all Entries have already been returned from previous invocations of the readEntries method, the successCallback is called with a zero-length array as an argument.. function required
errorCallback A callback indicating that there was an error reading from the Directory. function optional

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