Represents a local file system. This interface is implemented by the window object, therefore its predefined methods and constants are called similarly to the global ones.

Non-standard extensions specific to Hybrid Container are grouped in the LocalFileSystem object and should be called using the window.LocalFileSystem.CONSTANT signature, as shown in the Non-standard constants section below.


Name Description

Requests a filesystem, in which the application data are stored.


Allows the user to look up the entry for a file or a directory referred to by a local URL.

Standard constants

The table below lists the constant values related to storage, that are predefined within the window object.

Constant Description Type Value
TEMPORARY Used for storage with no guarantee of persistence. unsigned short 0
PERSISTENT Used for storage that should not be removed by the user agent without application or user permission. unsigned short 1

Non-standard constants

The constant values below are predefined for the window.LocalFileSystem object. The names of the filesystems are defined as the names of the constants that represent them.

Constant Description Type Value
SHARED_AMONG_APPS Used for storage that is shared among apps, with no guarantee of persistence. unsigned short 2
SHARED_AMONG_USERS Used for storage that is shared among users. unsigned short 4

Used for storage that can hold a relatively large amount of data and is shared across all applications.


External storage is supported by Android devices only.

unsigned short 8

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