Geolocation API replaces the standard W3C Geolocation API. Its methods and objects are identical to the standard API, however, it provides greater accuracy and responsivity. The API defines a high-level interface to location information delivered by the device, such as latitude and longitude. The API itself is independent of the underlying location information sources, such as GPS and location obtained based on IP address, MAC address, etc.

The Geolocation product module that holds the Geolocation API is included by default at application building stage. Excluding it results in Hybrid Container using the standard Geolocation API of the window.navigator object.

On iOS, it asks for a permission to run only once, contrary to the embedded implementation. On Android, in order for this API to function, you must ensure that Google Play Services component has been installed.


If your application uses Iframes, remember to add the top.* element to any reference that you use to call the Hybrid Container's Geolocation API. Otherwise you invoke the W3C standard-based Geolocation API, which may lead to unexpected results.


All classes/methods for this API belong to the Geolocation product module.

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