Represents an object used to transfer files from a server.

The object can be accessed using the launchbox.FileTransfer reference.


The FileTransfer.ErrorCodes object encapsulates the following constants.

Name Description
COMMUNICATION_FAILURE Denotes that a communication failure has occurred during the file transfer.
CREDENTIALS_REQUIRED Denotes that the file transfer cannot be completed because user credentials are required.
FILE_NOT_FOUND Denotes that the file to be downloaded cannot be found on the server.
INTERNAL Denotes that an internal error has occurred.
INVALID_SERVER_CREDENTIALS Denotes that wrong user credentials for the server were provided.
INVALID_URL Denotes that either the URL is missing, it contains unsupported scheme or the URL value does not comply with the requirements of RFCs 1808, 1738 and 2732.
USER Denotes that the user performed an invalid operation.


Name Return type Description
download FileTransferTask

Downloads a file from a server.

upload FileTransferTask

Uploads a local file to a remote server.

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