This object is a container for geolocation information returned by the Geolocation API. It is returned through the succesCallback callback of both the getCurrentPosition and watchPosition methods to pass position coordinates and a timestamp created by the Geolocation API.


Name Description Type
coords A set of geographic coordinates. object
timestamp Creation timestamp for the coords object. integer

The table below lists attributes that describe the coordinates returned by the Geolocation API within the coords object.

Name Description Type
latitude Latitude in decimal degrees. double
longitude Longitude in decimal degrees. double
altitude Height of the position in meters above the ellipsoid. double
accuracy Accuracy level of the latitude and longitude coordinates in meters. double
altitudeAccuracy Accuracy level of the altitude coordinate in meters. double
heading Direction of travel, specified in degrees counting clockwise relative to the true north. double
speed Current horizontal component of the hosting device's current velocity of the device, specified in meters per second. double

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