Public API reference

The Pega Mobile Client public API consists of a number of interfaces and relevant methods that make it possible to prepare applications for launching and manage their status. For a detailed description of individual objects and methods please follow the links below.

Management APIs

The management APIs include several interfaces and relevant methods for each, which enable management and monitoring of the lifecycle of both Pega Mobile Client and web applications, as well as management of user accounts.

Description Purpose
Authentication User authentication
Container Lifecycle Application management and monitoring
Logger Logging level configuration and access to local log files
User Accounts User account management
Web Application Lifecycle Various web application management objects and their methods.

Device integration APIs

Pega Mobile Client API includes a number of APIs that consist of several interfaces and relevant methods for each. This set of APIs allows developers to create applications that cooperate with existing functionalities of end-user devices.

Description Purpose
Barcode Scanner Barcode scanning
Contact Database Support for W3C compliant contact objects
Document Picker Capturing of media and retrieving various documents from the gallery
Document Viewer Viewing of the content of external documents
Encrypted SQL Storing and querying large sets of structured data
Filesystem Access to the device's native file system
File Transfer File transfer from a server
Geolocation Access to geolocation data, including latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, heading and speed
Motion Access to various sensors built into mobile devices
Network Status Obtaining information about the state of the network connection
Notifications Configuring push notifications and local notifications to handle all notification related actions
Web Browser Opening pages in a browser window

Helper APIs

These APIs include several interfaces and relevant methods for each, which allow developers to create solutions that utilize multiple web applications, or help overcome certain limitations.

Description Purpose
Back Action Support for hardware buttons on Android
Battery Monitoring the battery level and charging state of a device
Interapp Communicator Sending events between applications
Native Application Switcher Switching between web applications
Open URL Launching applications with a custom URL address
Side Bar Controlling the natively animated menu
Splash Screen Controlling the display of a splash screen at web app initiaton
Status Bar Controlling the background color, foreground color and visibility of the status bar

Pega Platform integration APIs

The following objects can be used in the Pega Mobile Client applications to enable Pega Platform integration.

Name Purpose
PRPC Analytics Facilitates sending of device log information related to data synchronization failures.
PRPC Client Store Enables performing data synchronization, as well as store and forward capabilities by means of the HTTPClientStore object and its methods.
PRPC Location Recorder Enables geolocation track recording.

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